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Patients and Life Sciences deserve better. There is a divide between the desire of people to improve their health through technology and the ability of Life Sciences to leverage patient generated data effectively. We call this the Efficacy Gap of Healthcare.

Health apps for people are not scientific enough for Life Science and Life Science systems are not available for patients. noink solves this gap. A complete health tracker for families with data sharing that gives Life science organisations Real World Data.


We are a team of seasoned professionals who have worked in both the largest of corporations and smallest of startups. We all share a passion for having a deep impact in everything we do.

Melinda Alcaraz

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Liam Holohan

Chief Technical Officer

Ying Wang

Corporate Advisor

The iO Group

Clinical Advisor

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noink is a real-world data capture platform and the flagship product of DSST Limited.

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