Take control of your family’s health



Record attacks, inhaler usage, triggers, SpO2 & lots more.


Clinical psychology

Track wellbeing, medications, behaviour & episodes to name but a few.

Brain Tumour


Record chemo medication, symptoms, observations, pain & a lot more besides.

Cardiovascular disease


Track blood pressure, medication, exercise, & lots more.

Cystic fibrosis

Medical genetics & pulmonology

Monitor physiotherapy, antibiotics, lung function, steroids & more.



Track seizures, medication, post-ictal symptoms & triggers to help you get control.

Female health


Record periods, infections, ovulation calendar, wellbeing & much more.



Track medication (CCBs,ARBs,diuretics etc.), blood pressure, exercise, food intake to help you get started.

Ovarian Cancer


Track radiotherapy, medications, symptoms, blood counts & more to help you fight back.


Metabolic disorders

Record Phe levels, monitor foods (including medical), calculate portion sizes and see research, all ready to go.



Track food, suppliments, exercise, symptoms and read helpful resources to prepare for a new arrival.

Rare disease

Various disciplines

We can configure noink for ANY rare disease in a few hours. noink already manages PKU, SPG50, SC8NA, MKD & CF.

Your condition(s)

We got this

noink has a lot more conditions we help manage. Contact us to find out more.


Full control for any condition

No need to download multiple apps. noink can manage any condition for your or a loved one. From common conditions to rare diseases, noink manages them all. Do you have multiple conditions?...that’s no problem.


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For any family member

Care for yourself, a parent, children or anybody you want. noink handles many patients in one account no matter where they are. Have help caring for a loved one? they can join your account.


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As easy as "TAP & SPEAK"

We know that recording data can sometimes be a burden. We have made recording notes as easy as possible to really get the most from your health data.


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More than data

To help you organise your family’s care. noink has chat, calendars, task lists, document store, running totals and information lookup. To learn more about any condition we give you educational content from reputable sources.


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Patient-generated data has scientific & clinical value...

...largely ignored in healthcare delivery

- noink founders

It’s your data

  • Control over who can access your data
  • You decide exactly what can be seen
  • Grant or remove access at any time
  • Set time limits on access
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Health Conditions - Both common and rare disease are catered for. New conditions are added all the time

Foods - With over a million nutritional data points from trusted sources worldwide → show me

Medications - Patient information on on a huge array of approved medications → show me

Unique Items - noink can be configured to meet your family’s unique health recording needs


Parent of Cystic Fibrosis child (& Pancreatic insufficiency)

The best app I’ve come across for checking fat content.


Phenylketonuria Sufferer

Using noink has really helped me to understand why my levels aren't coming down... I'm having far too much protein!.”


Parent of child with refractory epilepsy

A valuable tool, so helpful to us


Severe asthma

Love how it can be shared with doctors.


Director of Primary Care

…very impressive…

Have a look at noink in action. Below is just a small sample of what is possible with noink to improve your family’s health journey.

Information Lookup

Female Health example


Hypertension example


Hypertension example (高血壓)

Data Entry


Pictogram recording

General Health

Contextual Information

Cardiovascular disease

Rare Diseases

Cystic Fibrosis

Image Comparison

All conditions

Questionnaires (ePRO)

All Conditions