noink offers help to the Big Apple and Garden state


DSST are stepping up again in the fight against Coronavirus by offering their noink healthcare platform to residents of New York and New Jersey. noink, the flagship product from UK based software company DSST LIMITED that allows users to track any condition are now offering their software platform, pre-loaded with their COVID-19 pack, to the people of New York and New Jersey for free. noink produced and released a COVID-19 condition pack for their platform in mid March. You can sign up Here.

"Having lived, worked and met my wife in New York, as a company cannot just sit by when we have technology available right now to help" says DSST founder Dr Liam Holohan.

noink is a multi-condition, multi-user and multi-lingual mobile platform allowing users to record any information they want relevant to a particular condition. The data you record can then be shared with your doctor remotely at any time. The data is owned by the user and noink do not monitor usage or sell advertising.

As users can also geo-locate their data, they can share it with researchers and this could help epidemiologists and public health officials get insights as to where the greatest resource need is in real time.

noink have tooled up their US hosting presence to on-board New York and New Jersey users. "We want to help as many people as we can, for as long as we can" says the company.

As noink do not have infinite resources to do this, they will firstly prioritize users based on their risk profile.

If you or a family member have an underlying respiratory, cardiovascular condition or are immunosuppressed with:

noink will give priority to these families first.

"Pandemic" comes from Greek Pan demos meaning "All people" and if ever there was a time for us all to step up, it is now" adds Dr Holohan.

noink would welcome any US based tech company with spare server capacity who would like to help to get in touch on partners@noink.me

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