Hypertension gets a makeover


Recognising the reality of delivering care in a post-covid world, DSST have improved their platform to help clinicians and their patients. noink, the flagship product from UK based software company DSST LIMITED that allows users to track any condition have increased both remote monitoring and "fast notes" capability.

Doctors worldwide are having to deliver care and remotely and monitor patients with chronic conditions. For technologists this means a cohort of older patients now using technology that they may be uncomfortable with. To that end DSST LIMITED have created an augmented clinician portal for noink and introduced fast notes capability to their pre-existing hypertension pack for their users.

"Fast notes is the ability to enter relevant health data in noink with a swipe and tap on your phone, Its that simple" says DSST founder Dr Liam Holohan.

This is applicable to many chronic conditions where a few key metrics gives a good indication of how well a patient is controlling their condition outside of a clinical setting. For example with hypertensive patients this is blood pressure readings and for asthma sufferers it is Peak Expiratory Flow (PEF).

"Giving users the ability to quickly record this in a structured fashion while also allowing clinicians access to their data at a time of their choosing can only improve care. Best of all this can be done remotely" adds Dr Holohan.

The new clinician portal allows noink users to share their data on a longer term basis than was previously possible. The patient owns the data and has full control over what is shared and with whom. For the doctor or practice nurse it enhances the consult by supplying objective data recorded by the patient away from the clinic. Clinicians can see this data for any patient at any time as long as the patient has permissioned the clinic to view it. As the data is structured it is also possible to enter this into the patient’s clinical record (Electronic health record - EHR).

As hypertension is a precursor to many serious conditions, the ability to remote monitor at risk patients can have huge benefits and was chosen to be the first condition to have this feature. Soon all noink condition packs will have this ability.