noink manages Epilepsy


We are very pleased to announce the creation and released an Epilepsy condition pack onto our platform.

noink, the flagship product from UK based software company DSST LIMITED allows users to track and manage any medical condition. The epilepsy "condition pack" was published onto the noink platform today. By creating this, the noink platform now offers a way for Epilepsy patients and their families to record and monitor their illness in a consistent fashion. You can sign up Here.

"Epilepsy is an incredibly diverse neurological disorder and is not simply about counting seizures" says DSST founder Dr Liam Holohan.

Our aim is to allow Epilepsy patients and their families to record anything of interest and therefore gain meaningful insights on any aspect of their daily lives. Armed with this data it is hoped that those living with Epilepsy can then articulate these findings in an objective way with their clinicians and receive the most effective treatment that works for them as an individual.

"We want to help Epilepsy patients to objectively find patterns in their lives that cause seizures and relate these back to their doctors" continues Dr Holohan.

While there are many Epilepsy trackers on the market, few address the mechanics of delivering care in a family setting or account for co-morbidities or an individual’s lifestyle.

To do this the platform’ Epilepsy condition pack allows users to record a whole range of data from actual seizures to food consumption, exercise, medication and mental wellbeing. This can be easily graphed and dashboards shared with clinicians at any time.

We are helping Epilepsy patients find and avoid seizure triggers. This has both a direct impact on family quality of life and gives young sufferers more independence.

Users of noink’s Epilepsy pack range in severity and age, from parents with small children, teenagers leaving home soon to adults taking more control of their condition.

In creating this pack the company worked with experts from across the Epilepsy community and have produced a truly useful tool for the entire family. Data from the platform is already being used in a clinical setting to adjust the care of poorly controlled Epilepsy in our users.

The noink Epilepsy condition pack in detail